7 Cutest duo Halloween costumes you will EVER see!

Crating is the only way to train your dogs and their instinct is to go in dens why do you think they hide under tables and such? If you want a dog that doesn’t potty in the house and doesn’t tear your furniture up when you’re away at work then you.

I’m totally agree he was always happy enough to go in the cage , he had his bed and toys and was always only in it for a couple of hours at the most.

last night was Halloween u can dress whatever u want to dress we’re free to do what we want to do w our lifes, he’s a kid w a simple dress bc is Halloween , if u dress like a slut not mean u r one of them right ? Kk people r dumb



Dawn Diggines

My grandson used to love playing cops and robbers with Harley my GS , It was the only time he ever went into his cage.
Deb Alsterberg said: Please don’t keep you dogs in cages like that. I know lots of people that do and it is not healthy for the dog! Mentally or physically.



Amanda Townsend

He was hardly in the cage , it was purely because I have another dog and I wasn’t sure how it was going to be when I was away from the house , I shouldn’t have worried as 3 yrs later they are great and the cage is long gone . The cage was handy though and he was always happy enough to go in it.



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