Dogs Behavior

This is why dogs like to sit on your feet – I had no idea!

If you have ever owned a dog before, then you understand how fun and awesome it is. My dog always stared very intently at me when he wanted something. When I got up to respond, he was ecstatic! Then he just had to help me understand just what it was he wanted.



When He Brings You Gifts

mine stares at me when he wants something (I call it the mind meld)
He stares until I get up and follow him to his food bowl (empty), water (wants it freshened) or to door (to go pee). He barks when the mail man comes or he hears the paper hit the porch, or car in the drive, etc. Has different ways to communicate.



When She Takes Over The Bed…

The crazy stare is when i tell her to stay on her bed and I’m on the couch and she wants to move. Other than that i lnow what she wants when she stares. To go outside, the bone thats under the couch, or for me to throw the ball. And all accompanied with barking.



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