Small Dog, Beaten for Refusing to Pull Man on Cart, Rescued by PETA in China

After a viral video  that shows a heartless man beating a small dog because he refused to pull him around on a cart, PETA searched for the guy’s location and rescued his two dogs. ( you can watch the video at the end of this article )


This man had tethered his small dog to a cart so that the dog could pull him alongside moving vehicles in pudong district in china. In the video, the man brutally beats his dog with a stick several times. Although the video shows one dog, PETA team found two dogs at his house. they were also told that used to have other dogs.

They live-tweeted the story, posting updates showing there team standing outside the man’s house waiting for him to back home. At first, he refused to give them his dogs, but they refused to leave without the dogs. Finally, he  bowed and gave the two dogs to them.


This startling video is another reason why China needs to enact basic animal-welfare laws. A dog shouldn’t be forced to pull a man and it’s inconceivable that “man’s best friend” would be beaten mercilessly for being unable to pull a man several times his size and weight.