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Be a voice for the dogs of China, they need our help!

Unfortunately, in China, millions of dogs are still terribly treated, and every year, an estimated ten to fifteen million innocent canines are being cooked, according to statistics. Dog meat for sale can be found at almost all

Yulin dog eating festival: 3000 dogs skinned alive, blow-torched then served-up as food

In Indonesia, more than a million pets are being butchered, pummeled and blowtorched, while being alive for food. Awful scenes of such have caught the attention of more than 90 stars of screen, music, and sport, including

This is why dogs like to sit on your feet – I had no idea!

If you have ever owned a dog before, then you understand how fun and awesome it is. My dog always stared very intently at me when he wanted something. When I got up to respond, he was

7 Cutest duo Halloween costumes you will EVER see!

Crating is the only way to train your dogs and their instinct is to go in dens why do you think they hide under tables and such? If you want a dog that doesn’t potty in the

Byron says that he will not be alive today if this wasn’t for his dog

After any failed relationship you might feel failure and sink into a deep depression. There is a young man named Byron already have this feelings after his relationship fell apart. He hit out of house and began