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Baby emu loses it when a dog walks into the room for the first time

Emee the baby emu meets the family dog, Molly, for the  first time. Emee was a lone hatch and has a purpose built pen at the end of the room for when the owner isn’t home.  

15 photos prove that Dogs Are Man’s Most Unexceptional Friend

To make it simple, dogs are possibly a bit Less Boring Than Working. Whether they’re begging for food, barking at their leash to take them on a walk, or simply greeting you when you get home after

Small Dog, Beaten for Refusing to Pull Man on Cart, Rescued by PETA in China

After a viral video  that shows a heartless man beating a small dog because he refused to pull him around on a cart, PETA searched for the guy’s location and rescued his two dogs. ( you can

BUSTED! Mom caught Her dog making mess in kitchen, what he was doing is adorable!

What’s the most unexpected thing your dog has ever done? When we’re not around, our naughty dogs can get themselves into all kind of troubles. It’s no secret that dogs are smart, and if they want something,

Cops arrive at home to stop an “intruder,” you will Crack Up when you know what they found!

California police responded to a frantic call from a young man who reported that his house was being burglarized. The 18-year-old young man was home alone when his dogs began barking hysterically warning him that something was

15 adorable dog snapchats That Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

Snapchat mania taking over the internet for a while now. People are taking photos of everything you can imagine, food, clothes and of course pets! Fortunately, animals and Snapshot go perfectly together. If you don’t believe it

Ever wondered what is your dog dreaming about? here’s what experts said

Dogs are very delicate, faithful creatures. simply the are one of the Most Unexceptional creatures ever created!